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Homeowners' Associations

Lawyers Representing Homeowner Associations

Common interest developments (CIDs) such as condominiums, cooperative apartments, mobilehome parks, and single family home developments with homeowners' associations are the fastest growing type of housing in the United States.

A homeowners' association or community association typically governs these forms of housing. All the members of the development are required to be members of the homeowners' association, which is governed by a board of directors.

Residents of CIDs agree to abide by certain regulations, called restrictive covenants, to promote the well being, safety, and harmony of the community. The covenants may limit such things as the number of occupants, number of pets, and alterations to the exterior of the units.

At the law offices of Endeman, Lincoln, Turek & Heater, LLP, in San Diego, California, our attorneys represent homeowners' associations on issues ranging from formation to ownership and governance of the community.

We will see that your homeowners' association documents clearly describe the rules and obligations of residents and of the association itself. We will advise you as to whether any restrictive covenants conflict with the law. And, we will ensure that your homeowners' association includes protection from liability and a clear dispute resolution process.

If disputes cannot be resolved within the association itself, we are available to assist both homeowners' associations and residents. For experienced legal representation, homeowners' associations throughout Southern California rely on the attorneys of Endeman, Lincoln, Turek & Heater, LLP. Please contact our law firm today for representation you can trust.